Apple iWatch....

Well by now we have all heard the latest 'rumors' of a 'iWatch' that Apple may or may not release in the next few months. If they do release one, it will be interesting - more so than when the iPad was released - will people actually want one, because :

It is from Apple, and the last few years anything from Apple just looks cool...

They need another device to check the time, and make phone calls and play Angry Birds....

It's from Apple!!!

It might take me some time to warm up to a watch that can do many things a iPhone can do - being from the 'ancient generation' (born in the late 60's) - my generation have seen watches morph from the regular wind up to the first generation electronic displays - to calculators also crammed into your watch, plus a forgive me if I YAWN at a watch-type device that is the hottest thing on your wrist since......????

(But I still might buy one down the road)

What time is it?????


  1. I actually have a Fitbit HR - it is pretty cool and can earn points for items for work, so not that bad - have had it for 3 months and it has already paid for itself.


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