Blackberry in the news again...for the wrong reason...

Seeing Blackberry devices grow and mature throughout my telecom career - myself and my many co-workers after a while took them for granted - their devices would always be 'the device' for messaging and e-mails - and until the last year or two - they were. Now all we see about them in the news is whenever they have an outage, like they had in Europe today - or when their stock price drops and the company reshuffles itself.

So we saw Palm and the many variations of that company - eventually be purchased by HP, then later pretty much dissolved into basically nothing. Is this where Blackberry is headed - after a while they won't be able to make devices that are popular anymore, then they too will be acquired and finally exist no more, at least as we know it today?

Then what about Apple - can the same thing happen to them? Probably not, as they have plenty of devices to keep them going - but only if they keep on adjusting to the times - hopefully they are working on the next generation iPhone - because if next year they release one that is somewhat similar to this, then they could start losing popularity.

Time will tell.