Favorite Tablet?

For now, my Motorola Xoom is enough for me - I've used the iPad, there are lots of great apps and iPad only apps out there, but the real deal breaker for me was I picked up my Xoom for $199 - brand new. I can't seeing paying $400-500 for a tablet. Amazon has a great pricing range for their newest tablets/e-readers.

Maybe I would pay $300 for a new tablet, but that's it. My Xoom can handle most of the Google Play apps out there, when the Xoom first came out, it took a few software updates to finally work out the kinks in it. I have a Macbook Pro and the 4th gen iPod touch - I love using them and the OS, but I just can't justify paying double for a iPad when I can get what I want on a Android tablet.  Now maybe my next tablet might be one of those new Kindle fire 2's.....