6 Billion Cell phones worldwide...

Saw an article on Ars Technica Here is the link about now there are 6 billion cell phones worldwide. 6 BILLION! In many countries that have little or poor wireline phone service, cell phones are the gateway to the rest of the world.  Here in the U.S., there are reportedly 322 million cell phones compared with 314 million Americans - so either many of us have more than one, which I do, or our pets are sneaking around with cell phones - which I wouldn't doubt with how smart some pets are! LOL!

And the cell phone growth will just continue - so what about all the 'used' cell phones in the landfills that nobody uses anymore? What is the number for that? You have to figure that these 6 billion cell phones will be replaced in a few months or years - then what? In our lifetimes we will probably see the planet with over a trillion cell phones - a combination of cell phones currently being used and those cell phones no longer being used. I have 2 currently being used, and another 2 I can activate and use. Who counts those?

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