Car Tech - When have we gone too far?

Cars are quickly becoming our 'other' smart-device. Bluetooth, usb connectors, wi-fi connectivity, along with the many mapping systems are creating the car we couldn't imagine a few years ago. I have a recent GM released model that has OnStar on it - they can diagnose any car issues remotely, plus open my door if I lock myself out. My car is a 2008, the newer ones can do a lot more.

Will there be a limit to all the gadgets that used in our cars - everything in the car is already controlled somehow by a computer. With the connectivity these cars will have, how soon is it until a virus is created for cars? People scoffed at cell phones viruses, but they are here to stay. Might need an anti-virus package for your laptop, tablet, smartphone and car - and maybe even your refrigerator.