Boness App is finished!

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Well the app that I have mentioned here many times since starting this blog is almost ready to be released on the iTunes App Store. Called 'Boness', you have a skeleton with green goggles, wearing a cell phone around his arm, and wearing sneakers - he earns points by jumping on various pads/pods by tilting the screen left or right.

Getting hit by objects that resemble kitchen objects can take health away from him, along with birds stealing his bones! If enough health is taken from him, he collapses into a pile of bones. He can earn bonus points by clubbing the birds before they take his bones, and same with using the shield to block the large objects coming his way.

Stay tuned once this is released into the iTunes App Store, this blog will be the place for any app comments/questions.

2-3-13 update - App wasn't accepted first attempt in iTunes store, app resubmitted last week - stay tuned!

2-11-13 - In the iTunes store! Working on issue with iPhone 5 and IOS 6.1.

Issue was resolved on 2-18-13.


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