Using Map Apps VS Paper Maps

Here is a link to an article about the map app issue on Apple devices - Apple Fixes Maps Snafu. Myself, like many in their 40's and older learned on paper maps where to go from there and what road led to where. GPS devices and now the smartphone map apps are real-time, but the map is only as good as the information that is entered in it. If it tells you to turn left off the bride onto the water - what will common sense say? 'Well the app says to turn off the bride into the water - it must be right!'

WRONG! - Or if you want to drive off the bride into the water - that is your choice and once you make that choice, you are responsible for what happens afterwards. Hopefully as a driver, you should be able to judge those times when the GPS or map app might be wrong, and make a decision that could save your or any passengers you have with you.

Common sense should take over, but maybe someone can create and app for common sense?

For mobile map apps, nobody beats Google maps!