Decline of the PC?

Seeing this last week about reports on how PC's sales have declined the most in many years. With the huge success of the various tablets, plus the ever growing screens on smartphones, many people don't need a bulky computer for certain tasks. Having a tablet with a blue-tooth connected keyboard can enable plenty of people to complete the usual daily tasks of replying to e-mails, facebook and twitter, plus playing the wealth of games available on the various tablets.

The PC's won't wither and be extinct in a few years, there will be demand for them, but the tablets and smartphones have stolen the 'thunder' from the many years of dominance the PC's enjoyed. I will still use a PC - desktop or laptop for many things for a while, but I can see tablets doing the same and taking up less space and energy in completing many tasks the PC's were known for.

Stay tuned as this industry never stays quiet...