Online Security

So what does everyone use to keep their online surfing experience safe? I use zonealarm firewall to replace the default firewall with Windows 7, currently I use the latest Avast free anti-virus program, along with always updating the OS with the latest patches available - that also includes downloading updates to other software I use. Also I have Glary Utilities downloaded and running, it can clean up various info left behind from surfing web pages and other related tracking info, plus it has encryption and file shredding software. Plus I periodically go to a site called 'Shields Up' - they have software that can test your various firewall and other security settings and inform you just how vulnerable your computer can be to hacks or worse.

Making sure when accessing secure sites they begin with "HTTPS://" - a few people I know won't shop or bank online because of the fear of something being stolen from online hacks - from what I have learned over the years - if you never ever bank or shop online - that is you have never used your credit card online, you are still at risk because all banks use the internet for fund transfers between various banks for transactions. Plus someone can still steal your bank statements or other snail mail and do just as much damage as online.

So if you don't ever bank online, your bank and credit card company most certainly does, and if someone hacks into that database and steals lots of account info, including yours - then you will have to perform almost the same things as the folks who shop online and have their security compromised - continually checking their credit report for any abnormal charges and same with credit card bills - only if you have online credit card accounts setup you can see real-time charges, and if you need to, can dispute them right away, instead of waiting weeks for the monthly paper statement, where by that time the fraudulent charges can add up VERY fast!  Part of being familiar with the latest security threats is to just check with the various computer technology sites - CNET, computer world, Ars Technica and others related can have a great deal of info on how to secure your online experience.

The security threats change almost weekly, best to stay current with it!