App updates..

As much as I post on technology, originally this was started about Toot Co Apps, and since initially starting this have branched out to more tech news, but here are app updates...

Boness has been out for almost a year - over 600 downloads using a small advertising budget, hoping to have an Android version in next few months, along with more levels..

Telecom News - been out over a year and over 1200 downloads, made a few changes within the last year..

Martha's Pizza - been out over a year - around 25 downloads, hope to get IOS version out in next few months...

Green Ball - my first app, has around 80 downloads and basically showing an example of a app made with MIT App Inventor...

March 7 2014 update - Boness now has over 1200 downloads and Telecom News just over 1400 downloads, while Green Ball passed 100 downloads....not bad for a one person show!


  1. Download Updates as of 08/18/2015

    Bonesss - 2051

    Telecom News - 2596

    Martha's Pizza - 31

    Green Ball - 293

    Telecom News has been updated a few times and is only on Android - all of these are except for Bonesss - still on IOS - would like to update this game sometime....


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