First computer you owned?

What was the first computer you owned? Showing my age here - my first computer I owned was an Atari 400, almost new (3 years old on 1982) I bought from a neighbor. With the various 'home computers' out there at that time - The Radio Shack TRS 80, the Timex-Sinclair 1000, Commodore VIC 20 - among others....The Atari 400 held its own for that time - it had great games that were ported from the Atari 2600, I even created a few games using a computer book that had tons of basic computer games you could type in the computer to run.

Had a few cassette games - including 'Frogger' - that was cool! Plus 'Star Raiders' came with the console, that was always fun to play. That was the beginning of learning to program somewhat in Basic - I tried to create a few games, but lost patience in trying to create them, typical for a 15 year old!

Wonder how computers will be in 30 years? Will we even be using something similar to a computer in 2045? Eventually, I didn't use the Atari anymore, and ended tearing it apart and using some of the capacitors in electronics class in college some years later.