Your favorite game console?

What is your favorite game console? I still have my XBOX 360 - around 7 years old and haven't used it a whole lot lately. But the few times I have used it recently, it still works flawlessly!

My generation has been playing console games for over 30 years - starting with 'Pong' back in the late 70's. Then we got the Atari 2600 and could play 'Space Invaders' - that was the console to have - we would have the other kids on the street come over and play all summer.

We spent hours in our basement playing all type of games - adventure games, sports games - whatever we could afford to purchase - since we had paper routes back then - we could save up enough to buy the coolest games.  Our generation was the first to spend most of the summer in our basements playing computer games - instead of riding our bikes or playing baseball at the local ball diamond - which we did eventually when Mom would kick us out for a while in the summer to play outside.