New Xbox One S

In this article from CNET compares the yet to be released new Xbox One S with the current Xbox One.

Also from Wikipedia page on the Xbox One S section:

'Xbox One S supports 4K resolution video (streaming and Blu-ray Disc), and high-dynamic-range (HDR) color.[218][219] Rod Fergusson, head of Microsoft's Gears of War studio The Coalition, stated that Xbox One S also had upgraded CPU and GPU components, which were capable of providing more consistent performance in Gears of War 4 during graphics-intensive sequences than the previous hardware.[220] Xbox planning lead Albert Penello stated that the additional CPU and GPU access granted to developers for Xbox One S in order to enable HDR will have "literally no impact" on the performance of games.[221] The new model no longer includes the proprietary port used to attach the Kinect sensor; a USB adapter will be provided at no extra charge to existing Kinect owners. Xbox One S also ships with a revision of the Xbox One controller, with textured grips and Bluetooth support.
Xbox One S will be released in 500 GB, 1 TB, and "special edition" 2 TB models, retailing at US$299, $349, and $399 respectively.'

Looks cool, might have to get one since I have been in the market for a gaming console ever since my Xbox 360 met its demise some months ago....